iLIVEvr is a company founded by passionate technologists who live and breathe virtual reality. The iLIVEvr Real Estate division has developed state-of-the-art technology to offer the most immersive real estate experience. You no longer have to leave your home to walk through your dream home, anywhere in the world!

We offer completely customized packages from immersive, realistic walk-throughs of homes to visualizations of model homes and buildings. We stage and scan properties using the latest photogrammetry techniques in order to get the most realistic feel of your home.
In addition to anyone being able to view and showcase their own home, iLIVEvr Real Estate provides a one-stop solution to open houses and a more attractive and efficient option for real estate experts, brokers, and builders to showcase homes to their clients.

This is the next generation of advancement in real estate marketing that will propel sales and industry growth.

​Get ahead and join the most progressively innovative movement in
virtual reality – real estate.








Add immersive walk-throughs for your clients, giving them the best experience in home buying with a plethora of home options right at their fingertips! Experience the next generation in real estate 3D scans from homes, condos, and large estates to commercial properties. We guarantee the best engagement experience with our team – we work with marketing agencies and provide strategic marketing tips to understand how to best promote your home in VR. iLIVEvr offers the best in VR for real estate to creatively enhance your marketing portfolio with customized solutions for your listings and help you sell your home.
For agencies, we offer competitive, customized VR packages that you can offer internally to your agents. With the best in next generation, immersive walk-throughs, iLIVEvr offers everything from 3D scans of homes to completely staged model home walk-throughs for developers from just a floor plan – it is the most cost-effective and efficient way for realtors to sell homes.

We build completely immersive model homes, staged, lit, and ready to walk through 24/7 straight from a floor plan. It is most advantageous to developers to have their clients view options of homes to exact scale, give their clients the option of manipulating the accents and buying the home before the first brick is laid. We are a great additional marketing tool for developers everywhere offering this advantage of being able to show the property, most likely even selling it, before the first brick even hits the ground.

We offer high quality, stunning immersive experiences of hotels, resorts, conference rooms and event spaces in virtual reality. Now your clients can view, experience and even book your venues with the most intuitively immersive technology. Our customized packages give you an enhanced, luxurious experience in hospitality with the added advantage of reservations and bookings.
With realistic 3D scans of your commercial space, mall, or retail location, you can have your clients view to-scale different property options and help finalize bookings or use the immersive experience in presentations. In addition to being a great way to showcase commercial spaces, this application is an enhanced marketing tool, giving clients the flexibility of several options without leaving their current location.

From luxury cars, luxury buses, and yachts to immersive walk-throughs of planes, you can showcase the best of automotives in high definition virtual reality. VR enables dealers to showcase models conveniently wherever customers request. VR in automotives also enhances the creative process for designers and engineers.

As a virtual reality agency, we offer several customized packages for VR entertainment from VR entertainment theme parks to educational experiences, arcades and games to customized solutions for your entertainment needs. We help envision and execute on your vision of VR entertainment.

Our 3D scans are true to scale, high definition and immersive. Therefore, they add great value to insurance both for personal use as well as insurance companies that are required to catalog detailed descriptions of the insured spaces. We offer the quickest, most efficient project turn-around for your insurance needs.



Media And Testimonials
  • Noorul Asif

    Schon Properties – CEO

    "iLIVEvr is an important part of our presentation now."

  • Jason Pires

    MVC Agency

    "iLIVEvr provided one of the most powerful experiences I've seen. The depth of visualization and immersion of the residences they created in VR was profound. At MVC, we see the potential to harness this technology and create exceptional experiences for our developer clients before their properties even begin construction. The possibilities are truly endless."


  • Emmanuel Buenrostro

    Keller Williams Realty


    "Working with iLIVEvr was an amazing experience! I truly enjoyed working with the team, who have worked hard to make it happen and getting to know how it works first hand. People will truly love how engaged and involved you feel while touring a home that you may possibly buy, without actually going to the home! The future of real estate is here and it's... awesome!"  

  • "iLIVEvr is the place to go for your virtual reality needs...no question about it! Piya and her team are highly skilled and are very patient in guiding you through every aspect of this emerging technology. My experience trying the professional VR headset to tour a newly-built home in Dubai (a design that iLIVEvr's engineers brought to life), was truly mind-blowing and presented an environment that was incredibly immersive. I see tremendous application for this technology in my field, real estate, especially when taking a blueprint and showcasing new development homes/buildings that have yet to be built (as if they already exist), and/or making agents/clients' lives easier and more efficient by allowing them to tour several homes from the comfort of a single location. This gives the buyer the showing experience of old, granting them the feeling of walking through the home in-person, while expediting the selection process significantly. Whether the house you are looking for happens to be down the street or half way around the world, iLIVEvr can "take" you there!"  





Mobile Application Engineer

Skills and Experience:

The application engineer should be well-versed in:
creating innovative mobile applications using Unity
designing and implement iterative prototypes
working collaboratively with a team of artists and designers



Unity/Unreal, C++ , Java, C#, Python, Perforce, Git

Environment Artist

Skills and Experience:

The environment artist should be well-versed in:
the Unity/Unreal environment
strong lighting and modelling skills



Photoshop, Maya, Max, Zbrush, Xnormal, Knald, UDK, Unity, Microsoft Office

UX/UI Designer

Skills and Experience:

The UX/UI designer should have:
strong background in graphic design
comfortable with prototyping in 3D
strong design aesthetics with an eye for detail



Unity/Unreal, Texture Painting (Photoshop) Graphic Design, Maya, Motion Graphics

3D Generalist

Skills and Experience:

Assisting in the production and execution of physical product photo shoots
Modelling our catalog of physical products for photo realistic renderings, helping with lighting, rendering, and compositing.
Manipulating and preparing product previews rendered from subsequent imagery and digital assets
Closely collaborating with Design and Marketing teams to maintain a cohesive brand tone
Staying apprised of, and implementing against, latest developments and competitor trends in product imaging

BA Degree Required, major in Graphic Design , Digital Media, or related.



Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, UDK, Unity


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